Ключевые особенности:

There are several modes of operation (public mode, private mode, etc);
Low-voltage signaling system: if the voltage is below 4,5W the lock will send sound signals and display with every opening. It cannot be blocked if the voltage is below 4W;
There are two ways of power supply: 4*1.5 V AAA batteries & 6V DC. Optionally can be used 12V DC;
There is a Micro USB connector for emergency power supply (on the faceplate);
Cards used: MF1, 13.56MHZ;
There are various forms of access cards: wristband, FOB tag key, rectangular card, etc;
Support of customizable options: automated unlock at a specific time and display the locker number via smartphone;
The ability to use the mobile application via Bluetooth for unlocking;
Hidden latent installation does not damage the original surface design.

KR-S80 Technical Specifications:

Model KR-S80
Lock dimensions 80*80*27 mm
Weight 200 grams
Body material Zinc alloy + ABC
Certification CE, FCC, RoHS, IAF.
Application Luggage storage, terminals in swimming pools and gyms, lockers, and various drawers
Steering mode Engine/servomechanism
Power supply DC 6 В (4 х 1,5 W batteries ААА)
Signaling system voltage 4,5 W
Operating temperature -25℃ ~ +55℃
Unblocking method RFID card/ 13.56Mhz
Working time 500000 openings
Response time less than 500 msec