iBeacon маяк для систем позиционирования внутри помещений
Ключевые особенности:

The beacon is used as a part of Merusoft comprehensive digital solutions: Smart office. It is designed for indoor use. The positioning beacon is notable for its continuous battery life (up to 8 years), fast integration with the application. It is equipped with a temperature sensor.

Smart Beacon 3 – is an improved version of the Smart Beacon SB 16-2. It is the most popular Bluetooth beacon in the iBeacon line of indoor devices. 

Now you can control the surrounding temperature: automate daily temperature checks by continuously monitoring and recording the temperature changes. Use the data collected by the temperature sensor to analyze the environmental conditions through time and trigger an alert system if it is necessary. 

Get world-class productivity for years to come: there are two lithium-manganese batteries in the SmartBeacon SB18-3. You can be sure that the device will operate indoors for up to 8 years according to the compact built-in software and the latest Nordic chipset. After that, you can replace the batteries. 

Technical specifications:

Processor unit
32-bit ARM® Cortex™ M0 CPU core
Bluetooth Nordic Semiconductor nRF51822
Data transmission 250kBs, 1Mbs, and 2Mbs
Storage 256KB flash 16KB RAM
Communications Bluetooth Low Energy wireless technology 2.4GHz RF
Dimensions 56 (W) х 15 (H) х 56 (L) mm
Weight 35 g
Operating temperature from  -20° to + 60°C
Relative humidity from 0 to 95%
Protection rating IP-50
Body material LUPOY GN5001RFG