Integration of the Viasala WXT530 series weather Station

Merusoft chooses the solution from Vaisala WXT530 as the ideal option for observing.

The specialists of Merusoft Ecology have carried out settings, debugging and integration of 3 meteorological stations in the network of the agro-industrial complex.

After all the above mentioned work, the system was installed at key points on the territory of the enterprise.

“Merusoft Ecology’s decision continues to evolve; we have developed a software adapter for our new customer. According to the requirements of the maximum permissible emissions of approved at the company weather station readings are used to determine the level of alarming events depending on the direction of Wind “-said director of software development Dmitry Golovin.

Weather Stations of Viasala series WXT530 take different types of meteorological data, such as:

  • Rainfall
  • Atmospheric pressure
  • Temperature, regardless of the fall of direct sunlight
  • Relative humidity in different units of measurement
  • Wind direction and speed

This gives one of the most minimal errors among the devices in this category

It has a wide range of applications, starting with industrial automation, AGRICULTURE, marine ships ending with the liquidation and prevention of emergency situations
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