Merusoft Mobile Access: Access to the room via smartphone

Merusoft разработал решение для интеграции с системами контроля доступа большинства производителей.

Специальные SDK для использования в мобильных приложениях клиентов позволяют расширить функционал смартфона для работы с системами СКУД.

How does it work?


Merusoft server delivers virtual ID of Access card to user's mobile phone


The client mobile application passes the number through the SDK to pass the virtual ID code to the Access system reader


The ACS system gives access to

Main components of the system

Merusoft server coordinates the operation of the mobile application

Merusoft server provides virtual ID output

Client Mobile application-SDK or Merusoft development

HID Readers

ESMART Readers

Virtual IDs-
Access cards

Области применения

Medical facilities

Schools and kindergartens

Offices of large companies or carpet-weaving

Ski Pass for mountain skis

Fitness Centers

Luggage storage


Door intercommunication systems of residential buildings


Mobile Access Merusoft-a convenient tool to implement

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