Merusoft Tracking Solution

Solution Merusoft Tracking-works with the best platforms of positioning and navigation systems indoors and outdoors with the use of different technologies WiFi, ZigBee, Beacon, LoRa, GPS/Glonass.

We have combined all positioning technologies in one platform:

  • Wifi
  • Gps
  • Location on base stations of operators,
  • Ibeacon
  • Eddystone,
  • Rfid.

No matter what technology you choose for your project – Merusoft has positioning algorithms for any platform. You no longer need to worry about how to combine positioning and monitoring technology to move an object between spaces and open areas.


Floor plan with real positioning

Notify customers when they are in a specific location

Automatic check-in when in the desired area

Automatic communication with advertising banners

Merusoft Tracking for Retail

Indoor navigation?
Easy with the Merusoft platform.

Learn more about navigation options