Merusoft Asset Tracking

Решение для логистических компаний, складских комплексов и розничных сетей

Основное назначение системы:

Control of movement of goods, equipment, employees, loaders and cars with cargoes between warehouses, shops and inside complexes

Точность позиционирования:

From 50 cm to 3 meters depending on the requirements and the chosen technology

Основные технологии контроля перемещения, которые рекомендованы для использования:

  • RFID – Positioning accuracy from 50 cm, but expensive infrastructure, often a limiting factor
  • iBeacon – Inexpensive positioning technology with accuracy up to 2-3 meters and zonal type of use
  • GPS/Glonass-for use with trucks
  • WiFi-in the conditions of warehouses with a large number of metal construction technology does not have the necessary accuracy.

Basic functions

Navigation Service for Travelers

Targeted advertising in shopping malls

Services for the office: booking a meeting room, searching for employees online

Control of goods movement in the warehouse and between warehouses of the trade network

Control of Staff Movement

Navigation and access to premises by smartphone in clinics, schools